Our projects

In development

aifoon is an organization that examines different methods of involving a wide audience in the many facets of sound and listening art. We work on concepts and creative experiments, and we test technical possibilities. All our projects undergo a co-creative growth process.

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De Zwerm

for 'De Zwerm' we are investigating the possibilities to place 20 wireless speakers in a mesh network

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Research into the tangible listening.

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Schroot/Hoop: objects with a story

A podcast about everyday objects with a story. Because even for scraps, there is hope.


Through artistic productions and interventions, training programs and participatory projects, aifoon teases and questions various listening attitudes and strategies.


We actively stimulate the auditory imagination and challenge people to actively question listening by listening together.

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Start to Listen

a free online toolbox on listening comprehension for teachers and pupils in primary education

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This installation, which you can set in motion yourself, lets sounds circle around you.

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Listening art

An essay about the art of listening and listening art: not the sound itself, but the experience of listening is key

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a group of artists who reflect on listening

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a project about acoustic comfort in which we question the acoustics of (class)rooms in educational and healthcare institutions

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Sound Walk

let us take you on a blindfolded listening walk

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Geluidenatlas (Sound Atlas)

How can we find words to describe sounds? Take part in our research.


Once the listening is "opened", people can also work with it creatively. We do this not only in a participatory way with different target groups, but also in collaborations with other artists.

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an acrobat and a composer explore the boundaries between man, nature and technology

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a colourful children's performance by the circus company Grensgeval with a sound design by aifoon

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Sound Massage

relax and surrender to the sounds

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How can you subtly manipulate a sound environment?

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a noise laboratory for children: adventurous listening and reckless composing, with a microphone as an instrument and daily life as a source of sounds and inspiration

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Artistic workshops

Workshop sessions on sound and listening art for educational and recreational contexts

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For teachers and educationalists as well as for performing artists.


We want to use our participatory expertise to generate an impact on the auditory qualities of living together in a constructive way, complementing other disciplines. In this way, we want to shape urbanity auditively together.

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The City Rings

an international project in which children examine and exchange their auditory environment with other children all over the world

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Phonorama Papegaaiwijk

a sound panorama of the Ghent neighbourhood 'Papegaaiwijk'

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Phonorama Bruges

How do we listen to life in the city?

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Phonorama STHD

Pupils from six schools in the Sluizeken-Tolhuis-Ham-Dok district of Ghent hunt for sounds in their neighbourhood.

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What does the trip from your home to your school sound like?

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Huis van Alijn

from 2014 to 2017 aifoon took up a residency in Huis van Alijn, a museum about the culture of everyday life

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an auditory installation and performance for children (8+) and adults

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a project about the melting pot of sounds that is the Ghent Canal Zone

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Sounds Like Quiz

an original, accessible and above all witty family quiz full of facts and anecdotes about sound and everything that has to do with it

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Experimenting and composing with "inaudible" sounds

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Watch In?

Visit a museum with an AudioCollier, a pendant with a speaker incorporated

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Watch Out!

walk around with a backpack that plays a sound composition