'Plock!' is a show by circus company Grensgeval and aifoon.

aifoon created a sound design for this show with sounds that unconsciously guide you while you are watching.

'Plock!' is a fine example of circus and sound theater in which a painter-acrobat tries to match his great example Jackson Pollock ... He throws paint, brushes, sticks and his whole body into the battle.

The paint starts to dance, cans come to life, colours get sounds and vice versa. A colorful show for children (4+). popup: yes


"In just under an hour, Plock! explores some big themes: art as performance, the artist as performer, the audience as performers and co-creators. In summary, a work of art." Read more in The British Theatre Guide

Plock! in China

The co-creatie Plock! tussen Grensgeval and aifoon has toured China (Shanghai and Beijing) several times since December 2021. Very proud!

Listen to fragments from 'Plock!'