LAwaBO is a noise laboratory for children aged 9 to 12 years.

LAwaBO is a five-day workshop in which the imagination of children is challenged in all sorts of surprising ways, with sound as the main building block. In our studio, the children get to work with a wide range of materials: from coloring pencils to mixing panels to underwater microphones.

LAwaBO is not a music academy with instruments, we prefer to make sounds with a bicycle, a bucket of water or a bag of chips. We push those sounds through effect pedals and speakers to create the craziest sound collages. Furthermore, we put new sounds on an existing piece of film, we go on a sound quest blindfolded, we convert sounds into color ... After five days, the world of sound no longer has any secrets!

The children are professionally guided every step of the way by a pedagogical staff member who is also a sound artist. In LAwaBO we work both professionally and at the same time very organically. We listen to what the children themselves expect and what fascinates them. The emphasis is on: do it yourself, thinking out of the box, experimenting and most of all, having fun.

For whom?

LAwaBO is a camp for girls and boys from 9 to 12 years old. Creativity and enthusiasm are the most important. No musical or technical knowledge is required.