Dok-Noord 4F/204
9000 Gent
+32 494 544 391

Who's who


Stijn Dickel: artistic co-ordinator
Peter Aerts: general manager
Hannah Lyssens: production
Yasmin Van 'tveld: communication
Jo Tavernier: voluntary maintenance of the material and technical advice

Freelance artists

  • Eva De Groote: writer, facilitator, podcast maker
  • Sterre De Vresse: artistic and educational collaborator
  • Stijn Demeulenaere: artistic collaborator
  • Benjamin Dousselaere: artistic and educational collaborator
  • Tim De Paepe: software development of 'De Zwerm'
  • Jeroen Vandesande: artistic and educational collaborator / production of 'De Zwerm'
  • Kobe Wens: audiovisual collaborator

think tank 'Interioor'

  • Leslie Burm: architect
  • Sigert De Jean: acoustic expert
  • Thomas Vertongen: sound designer

think tank 'Salong'

  • Caroline Claus: urban planner
  • Diederik De Cock: sound designer
  • Eva De Groote: writer, facilitator, podcast maker
  • Stijn Demeulenaere: sound artist
  • Boris Snauwaert: photographer, urban planner
  • Heleen Van Haegenborgh: composor
  • Thomas Vertongen: sound designer
  • Anyuta Wiazemsky: artist
  • Ellen Stynen: editor of the Salong longread

thinktank 'De Zwerm'

  • Tim De Paepe: theater maker, director and IT developer
  • Jo Tavernier: sound technician
  • Johan Vandermaelen: sound artist and instrument builder
  • Jeroen Vandesande: sound artist, teacher, researcher

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Visit us

aifoon vzw is located on the 2nd floor of De Expeditie' (building ‘F’), on the former ACEC-site in the Sluizeken-Tolhuis-Ham neighbourhood, just outside of the city centre of Ghent. You can reach us via Dok Noord or via St-Salvatorstraat (nrs 16 and 18). The entrance to the offices is located next to the sheltered bike parking.

Public transport

Plan your journey using the websites of the Belgian train and public transport company.

By car

Follow Gent-Centrum and take exit 1 ('andere richtingen/other directions'). Turn right at the lights to get to the R40. Follow the R40 until the big roundabout at Dampoort. Take the exit 'Eeklo' to stay on the R40. You pass Dok Zuid and Stapelplein to get to Dok Noord.

The big underground parking of Dok Noord (800 spaces) is situated 100m from De Expeditie. The entrance to the parking is located halfway Sassevaartstraat. Park your car underground and take exit Carelsplein, which is just 100m from De Expeditie (building F).

You can find free parking at Koopvaardijlaan across the water: take the pedestrian bridge to Dok Noord (5 min).