2015: Stadsruis: a performance about sounds of the city (coproduction with Kopergietery)

2015: Fondouk: auditory installation/performance, auditive massage / journey (in copdruction with Krokusfestival and in association with De Kopergietery & Cultuur Centrum Hasselt)

2015: 10 YEARS AIFOON!!!

2014: Residency Huis van Alijn: auditive disclosure of the collection, interactive installation and educational framework.

2014: Istanbul Ekspres: about musicalizing field recordings (Handelsbeurs and De Centrale)

2014: Listeningtrajectories: Residency in Q-O2 together with dancers of Ultima Vez

2014: Watch Out!: Listeningperformance in association with Vrijstaat O Atelier De Stad (Canvas)

2014: SOFA app: Virtual application on 'listing’ created for the 'media corner’ of Concertgebouw Brugge.

2014: AudioHacking: Listeningproject on unconscious intercultural listening in association with Trefpunt and Sun Festival (Marrakech)

2014-to date: Sonar: a sound laboratory in St-Niklaas (youth center Den Eglantier)

2014-to date: Oorkanaal: participatory project in the harbor of Ghent exploring how inhabitants, passers-by and labourers listen to their neighbourhood (Creëer Je Wijk, Stad Gent)

2013-to date: Workshops on foley and sonorization in association with Filmfestival Gent

2013: Residency in Vooruit + in H, an octaphonic installation on listening and listening compositions.

2012-2013: Sounds of Europe: platform about field recording in association with Q-O2, MTG, IRZU and CRISAP

2012: BlindDate: auditory walk in association with TRACK (S.M.A.K.)

2011-to date: Zomeracademie: masterclass on the art of listening and sound design in association with De Veerman/Destelheide

2011: Sense of Sound: framework of an exposition on the art of listening, in association with Z33

2011-to date: La Semaine Du Son / De Week Van De Klank (Brussels) 

2010-to date: Sound events You are Hear, Waves, Now!, Poëzie van de Industrie in association with Kunstencentrum Netwerk (Aalst)

2010: Laureate E-dinges Awards: celebrating projects that contribute to closing the digital gap (Vlaams Parlement, Linc, ibbt and IST)

2010-to date: The City Rings: European exchange project on auditive city portraits, in association with Sons de Barcelona, Le Bon Accueil, Milena Principle,...

2010: Phonorama: Auditive city monitoring  together with refugees: Pianofabriek and Bon vzw

2009-2013: Installations Oorchidee, PTCHWRK, Beyond Dreams, The Boule in association with Gent Festival van Vlaanderen (Kids Ode Gand, Avanti! and Made festival) 

2008: PTCHWRK: an interactive installation exploring listening and feeling: Happy New Ears (Kortrijk)

2008: Time Canvas: an interactive installation on circuit Bending: in association with Champ d'action and M HKA

2008-to date: Audiovisual communication within primary education in association with KHLeuven

2008: Membraan: Sound art exposition in Zebrastraat Gent.

2006-2009: foley of film fragments: European Youth Festival (Bruges and Antwerp)

2006: BuitenBeeld: Auditory project on living in detention: in association with Mooov and De rode Antraciet

2005-2013: Sound pedagogy: practical training for pedagogues: in association with M HKA, Cinema Zuid, S.M.A.K, De Kreun, TRACK, Vooruit

2003-2007: project TRAJEcT: examining the auditory experience  of children on their way from home to school, through sound recording and composition