About aifoon

Aifoon investigates the art of listening in an artistic way. As a participatory art organisation, Aifoon challenges people to follow soundtracks with a conscious listening attitude and to scan and design their surroundings by listening. Through artistic interventions and participatory projects Aifoon wants to activate listening socially and thus provide an alternative to the visual dominance.

 Aifoon examines the movement, the dimensions and the scope in the listening. Through artistic interventions and projects, Aifoon teases and questions the listening attitudes and listening strategies of her audience/participants/listeners. 

The art of listening brings for Aifoon the event related nature of sound into focus. Not only the moment itself, but also what precedes the sound and what comes afterwards are equally important. Aifoon not only leads to art and co-creation, she also participates actively in the artistic discourse with respect to listening and sound.

Aifoon cooperates as a small nimble satellite organization with the development of the artistic and social discourse in terms of listening and is therefore looking for substantive allies to implement new plans.

Aifoon is a participatory arts organization. Participatory work is a dynamic, evolving process and is not a preformatted blueprint. Co-creative processes are moderated by artist colleagues. The participant/listener becomes an artist himself(composer and performer). Only this way we can grow in an intrinsic way into a richer listening culture.

Our methods? As a short acquaintance and active business card we offer a number of activities that indicate the different dimensions in listening (LuisterMassa'ge, BlindDate, our listening performance Fondouk, ...).

In addition, Aifoon invests in fundamental projects and long-term projects (Oorkanaal, residency at Huis van Alijn, The City Rings, ...).

Want to know more? Read our mission statement here


aifoon has been working hard for more than ten years already. Here is an overview of past projects.


Who's who


Stijn Dickel: artistic director

Peter Aerts: managing director


Freelance artists

J├╝rgen De Blonde: artistic co-worker

Inge van den Kroonenberg: artistic-pedagogic co-worker

Jeroen Vandesande: artistic-pedagogic co-worker and production

Benjamin Douselaere: artistic-pedagogic co-worker

Kurt Stockman: artistic co-worker

Stijn Demeulenaere: artistic co-worker

Kobe Wens: audio-visual co-worker

Bruno Vandenberghe: audio graphic artist

Kurt Vandendriessche: artistic co-worker



Floris Vanhoof

Davide Tidoni

Derek Holzer